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TX200 stock bracket dimensions needed

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I was asked to quote on and possibly produce a stock bracket for a TX200 from a stronger material. The fellow has not gotten back to me with the diameter of the main tube, and I'm wondering if someone here might have this handy? An accurate width dimension would be nice to have as well as the break does not fit neatly back together.



This might be an easier solution. ARH makes a forged bracket.

Frank in Fairfield:
You canít measure the broken one?
The original is forged aluminum.
I wonder how it became broken??
I have 50,000+ shots through my TX and I know others who have shot in excess of 100,000 and have never broke anything except a cocking shoe. ???

Just looking for the diameter and the width if anyone has the ability to measure them and is willing to do so. :D

How or why it broke are not really my concern and it was not discussed with the owner. It does not fit "neatly" back together, was bending when it broke, so a fellow can draw certain conclusions about that if needed. The rifle does have a rather attractive aftermarket stock, which could add to speculation about certain things...if one were so inclined.

Because it does not fit "neatly" back together, truly accurate measurements are not possible...only a "best guess"...which is rarely close enough.

Machined from 4140 with an accurate radius to fit the tube should result in a long lasting part IMO.



The cast front stock screw bracket of the TX's is a known point of failure. Thomas (Roadworthy) has warned to not put ANY pressure on the bracket when the stock is removed - the bracket will snap, as it is just too brittle. What were they thinking? echoes in the spring gun valley...


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