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Indoor BB gun target shooting

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With fall in the air and cold weather soon upon us, I have built an indoor target shooting range that is both cheap, easy to build and quite portable.

It uses a five gallon bucket, binder clips to hold bits and bobs together, an old shirt, wire hanger, and a handful of rocks in a gallon zipper bag.

The five gallon bucket is cut open and the resulting "doors" are swung out to act as "leaders" into the target area.

The shirt is used as a funnel from the "leader doors" into the "shooting area" and also acts as a backstop, taking all of the power and speed out of the shot BBs.

Because there is still enough momentum remaining after hitting the cloth backstop to occasionally bounce out of the 5 gallon bucket. BB retrieval and storage area, 5 gallon bucket (with a few rocks in the bottom of bag for ballast) acts as a shield (which you shoot through) but which BB's bouncing back from the cloth backstop, do not have enough power to penetrate on its return rickershey from cloth backstop.

5 gallon bucket with handle makes for easy portability and bucket itself can be tipped towards front and (reaching past the plastic hanging rikershay barrier), to magnetically or otherwise scoop out BBs for reuse.

I have a cheap led flashlight stuck behind one of the funneling doors to provide lighting into the target area.

To help with BB retrieval, "shirt pocket" expanding magnetic wand stuck is behind the opposite "funneling door" & reaching down to bottom 5 gallon bucket where BBs accumulate.

Holes are punched in either opposing side of the five gallon bucket, and the piece of wire hanger wire is stretched across inside bucket to hold and hang targets onto.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

You also might try some non-hardening plumbers putty on the back wall to keep the bounce back to a minimum.
Of course you have to dig them out to retrieve them.


Frank in Fairfield:
I use Post Office Priority Mail boxes in the garage.
I put a plastic yard bag inside.
The BBs are stopped in the box.
When the front is all shot up, I dump the BBs into a metal (Magnetized) can.
Get another box and repeat.

Here is a hint for you guys using magnets for bbs. Put the magnet in a sock. The bbs will stick to the magnet through the sock. When it's time to retrieve the bbs, reach in the sock and grab the magnet. Pull it out turning the sock inside out. Now all your bbs are in the sock and can be poured into a tin or container. Drop the magnet back in the sock then rinse and repeat.
I use a 3" speaker magnet. BBs can't resist.

Frank in Fairfield:


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