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QB78D 177 converted to PCP numbers

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Finally finished converting my QB78D 177 to pcp. Pretty happy with the final results.

Transfer port seal and Bolt probe upgrades              Velocity     Ft/lbs
QB78D 177 Gamo Red Fire  CO2  78 F                         659       7.52
QB78D 177 Gamo Red Fire  CO2  88 F                         746       9.65
QB78D 177 @ 1400psi Gamo Red Fire                         854       12.62

Transfer port seal, Bolt probe and Modified valve body
QB78D 177 @ 1400psi Gamo Red Fire                         996       17.16

Nice job! Did you do a reverse tank or have it sticking forward?

Sticking forward. I'm using a coil and 90ci bottle right now while I test different pellets.

Oh ok! Yeah that's easier to deal with for tuning etc.

Nice workmanship!

A 17fpe .177 makes a nice a 50yd gun well suited for both targets and pest control.

How did you fare in the barrel lottery?  Or have you rebarreled it?


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