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Hello From Canada

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Thomas and I like everything to do with guns.

I am returning to airguns now as an adult. I started with airguns on the farm when I was a kid, my mother wouldn't let me have a .22 unsupervised on the farm so my dad bought me a gamo break action pellet gun to shoot gophers. Eventually I got a .22, and that started a long, expensive path of collecting, shooting and modifying/tuning all sorts of different firearms. I am now an avid firearms and airguns enthusiast, hunter, and outdoors enthusiast. I also love fishing, but I am currently training a puppy and he is just not quite ready for fly fishing (stilly hound wants to chase and eat the fly), so we might just focus on guns this summer until we can suppress that prey drive on things that do not have hooks attached to them... He is good with deer and birds now, but rabbits, gophers and bugs are his Kryptonite... Just a pup, he will learn.

It has gotten progressively more difficult here to shoot/afford to shoot certain firearms, so long story short, I started to get back into C02 and pump action air guns because they offer a bit more freedom now that I no longer live on a farm with wide open private land. I also enjoy plinking with the air guns while we camp without upsetting anyone or disturbing other campers in the dispersed camping area that we frequent.

I also love to tinker and have a drive to learn, so air guns fit the bill. I have a 3D printer and would like to start customizing and designing accessories/mods

I was reading about doing a bit of work on my 1322 (yes I am aware that of the legal restrictions here and how they kneecap a lot of the internal mods) and stumbled on this form.

Thanks Everyone, Glad to be here!

Welcome to GTA Forums Thomas!!!

SAFE & Happy Shooting!!!!

Welcome to the GTA.


Welcome to the GTA Thomas!


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