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Hammer Bounce

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Bullet weights in both calibers (I am interested in any difference in SD)?.... Pressures?....


NOE Molds
.308 135 BBT
.308 155 BBT
.257 100 BBT

Do you think an SSG will help?

Providing you can get enough hammer strike to open the valve, most definitely an SSG should get rid of the hammer bounce.... I would try for 3-5 lbs. of preload and about 1/16"-1/8" of gap between the valve stem and hammer face when uncocked, that is ideal.... You can get away with more gap, but over 1/4" and you may see slight difference in velocity shooting uphill or downhill.... It's a matter of balancing spring rate, preload, and gap....


Ok so 4 1/2 lbs compressed my spring .270". I preloaded the spring .200" and I have .160" of free travel on the hammer. I'll get the rifle together and test as soon as I can.


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