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Bullet suggestions for the Sam Yang 909


As I had mentioned previously, I have been blessed  to have in my possession the Sam Yang 909 that Will Piatt called his's the one, if you look on his shop wall, that he killed that nice buck with... It went down because I happened upon a nice500cc double tube 50 cal Dragon Claw at a pawn shop and I took up to Will to have it powered tuned....At this point, it meant I owned 2, 500cc, 50 cal Dragons...My son was gonna use the "new" Dragon Claw to deer hunt forward a couple mos later and Will had a client that had to have a double tube DC and, because they weren't selling any like that anymore Will, contacted me and asked if I trade him straight DC for his 909...I jumped on it post one could have ever imagined that Will would leave us so prematurely (IMHO)..God rest his soul....I loved the man as a friend and a brother in Christ...any way, he tuned this beast for 2 powerful shots....what I'm asking the 909 owners is, " what bullets work best in your909?"

 Assuming it is a factory barrel keep the slug diameter in the 455-.456 range, as far as weight you may have to play with that to determine what the power tune can push.
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