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Semi retired machinist looking for side jobs.

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--- Quote from: bear air on September 02, 2023, 03:27:50 PM ---22&25 caliber gen 2 Marauder/Armada breeches would sell like hot cakes. Would you cut a factory tube down and re-thread or shrouds for that matter?

--- End quote ---
Lots of goodies would sell like hotcakes.. if the prices are right.
Stuff like this is hard to price reasonable and factor in the r&d, materials and setup... unless pricing is based on volume of future sales. There in lies the risk.

bear air:
Absolutely. It would be rather difficult to choose which rifle to actually r&d and invest in making said modded parts. And price? I personally think $300 is too much for a side lever that I have to mod something to make it work. However $200 for one I can bolt on and go...all day long.

I think I would just buy a side lever rifle in the first place.

All very good points.

To have a home shop Machinist  who can do it all, Including the Hard anodizing would be hard to find who is not already busy.

And unless You actually have the airgun the customer wants modified, or similar, there will be a lot of back and forth shipping till you got it right.

It's the R&D that kills most jobs.

 Here is something that has some interest but no one is producing them ATM, I can provide measurements.

 Prototype I have Story about it.,201473.msg156352765.html#msg156352765


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