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Semi retired machinist looking for side jobs.

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I did not see any thing in the rules where this is Prohibited.

I work cheep, But not an Idiot.

Share some AG related work .. best place to start having folks take notice.  8)

For starters In the early 80's I invented the "Snap mag release" for the 10 22 rifle, and quick release for the Ruger Mk 1,2 pistol magazine, Both were Stolen as the were "Not Patentable'', thank you Ramline Inc. after that I got into air guns and Paintball, in its Infancy so it was the wild west for Inventors and a lot of fun. Paint ball gun Mods. were easy and I basically worked for Paintballs, I worked out of my Garage with a lathe and mill. I made externally rifled barrels for paintballs and eventually my own semi auto painball gun.

bear air:
Nice to see someone close to Sioux City. Following along. Welcome to the GTA.

 If word gets out you do good work, you may be busier than you like ;)


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