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Scope for hunting with challenger 457


Looking to get a scope for my new challenger bullpup. Primarily intend to use this gun for hunting deer and hogs. Being new to big bore airguns it seems to me like there will be a substantial amount of bullet drop involved with the heavy slow moving projectiles. My question is what types of reticles seem to work well with these guns? Should I look for a prc style “Christmas tree” reticle, muzzleloader reticle, maybe even crossbow? What kind of drops should I expect and what scope recommendations do you guys have for me?

I have mildot scopes between 16 to 24 power with AO on all my big bore rifles, as for drop you won't start see it until 50yds to 75yds and also depends on the gun, the weight of the slug, all that other air gun stuff that comes into play. The one below is on my Umarex Hammer. This set up works for me. I do not hunt beyond 50yds because of the heavy vegetation I hunt in. This is my observation from shooting the few big bores that I have. Some one else may have a different set up than what I have, it's basically preference as to what you want to use and the distance you are reaching for. Good Luck.

We likely hunt very similar terrain. What distance do you sight in at given you’re keeping your shots to 50 yards?

My hunting big bores I like to run something simple along the lines of this, either FFP or SFP.


--- Quote from: Pokedaboss on May 20, 2023, 06:43:08 PM ---We likely hunt very similar terrain. What distance do you sight in at given you’re keeping your shots to 50 yards?

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I sight all my guns at 50yds. Once I do that I will shoot at 10yd increments and make a dope card of what mildots to use at certain yardage. If you are hunting from a tree stand that changes everything. I have notes for that as well. I also use a range finder to pick out certain objects at certain yards that if something is near that object I have an idea of what the yardage is. I use to do this when I was bow hunting. You need to start practicing now so you can get comfortable with the gun whether on the ground or in a tree stand. I didn't do that with Hammer and lost one 2 years ago because I thought a few shots would do the trick before I started hunting. The hammer is a beast of a gun and it does kick as well for an air gun. First time I shot it, it rattled me for a minute and got me to thinking what have I gotten into. Now it's second nature and I am more confident in hunting with it.


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