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TX200 vs HW97K: Sub-12 Edition


I thought it would be a great idea to start the 10,000th TX200 vs. HW97 thread, so here goes. Subject guns are sub-12 FPE .177 examples imported to the U.S. (97K via Krale and TX from Mundiler) since most FT shooters seem to agree these guns shoot best at this power level. The sub-FAC TX gets the shorter shot cycle many seek with a tuning kit in the U.S. thanks to a cocking stroke roughly 1.5 shorter than the FAC version. The 97K isnt significantly compromised in this regard, but I wanted to keep the comparison useful.

FWIW, both Krale (Netherlands) and Mundilar (Portugal) got these to my door in one week flat. Both went through Customs in Cologne. The 97K from Krale also went through Customs in Philadelphia and arrived with the packing and factory boxes ripped apart and the gun fully exposed protected only by the plastic bag from the factory. (No damage but be forewarned. Im guessing some Barney Fife in Philly).

On to the stuff everyone knows, but that I for some reason feel like re-hashing in 2023:

They are both one-holers

The rosewood-capped walnut stock on the TX is among the most beautiful furniture you will see on any longarm.

The TX has deeper black bluing evident primarily in bright sunlight unfortunately where fine scratches from handling at the factory are also evident in my example.

The 97K feels an nth-of-a-millimeter more precisely designed and assembled in every measure. This is immediately felt upon picking it up after handling the TX. The denser beech compared to the walnut on the TX and shorter length are minor contributors to this observation. Cocking is significantly smoother. The trigger is smoother. Theres ever-so-slightly less play in the 97K everywhere. From the solid barrel to the Doc Beeman-hyped Massive Threaded Receiver Cap (the TX gets a much-easier-to-service Massive Non-Threaded Receiver Cap that just doesnt give that billet steel vibe), this is all-business German machinery.

The shot cycle on the TX is significantly smoother than the 97K after break-in -- no doubt down to the Delrin piston bearings. There is no effect on accuracy. (FWIW, out of the box this TX was so over-lubed that white cakes of the stuff formed in the breech after firing. It dieseled and fired harshly but settled down after successive shot-to-shot wipe-downs).

The TX has an inconvenient anti-beartrap button. The 97K has an inconvenient cocking lever button. So do you want to be inconvenienced before or after you cock your gun? Id say its a wash.

The TX trigger is set back compared to the 97K, and the gun comes to the shoulder lower. All of it feels like a better shooting hold to me, but paper-punching results between the two rifles are indistinguishable in my hands.

Executive Summary: One is Ginger. One is Maryanne. You know you want both.


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