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Tom Holland

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I copied a Facebook post by our friend Harold Rushton. I hope you don't mind.

"Unfortunately, we must say a final farewell to our long time Field Target friend, Tom Holland.  As I understand it, Tom passed away on Tuesday night.  He was an avid airgun tinkerer, pellet connoisseur and all around good guy.  Tom was also a very accomplished crossbow archer having won many titles over the years.  RIP Tom. You will be missed. 😢"

No way!

Gods grace on your family Tom.

Mark 611:
RIP Tom,

uncle paulie:
I had met Tom at a few FT events. He was a quirky, upbeat fellow and had a wealth of information he was excited to share. Truly an asset to the sport and will be missed.


Very sad news. Tom was such a gentleman and shared his knowledge and promoted our sport very well. He will be missed.


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