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New to me 35 cal AEA Challenger long stock 24” bbl

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35 shooter:
Reached a deal with a member here on a 35 cal 24” bbl. AEA rifle.

I’ll be sending the money for it this coming Monday, but want to get ahead of the game on a Noe bullet mold.
NOE is running low on suitable airgun molds in 35 right now, but I found a few that sound about right for the velocity of this rifle.


Anyone here using one of these in their 24” bbl. Challenger rifles? I realize the .359” would need sizing.

The HTC mold is designed for powder coating, but I take it that’s with pb rifles in mind as it drops at .359 and would have to be sized down for the challenger., so no need for powder coating.

The HTC mold drops a 95 gr. hollow base, or a 125, 158, or 180 gr. plain base depending on what pins you use.
Very interesting mold for sure.
This one does’nt have traditional lube grooves, but does have one very shallow groove.
What’s the opinion on this mold for the 35 challenger with sizing to .356,,357 or .358” in mind…. Whichever size the rifle likes best?
Anyone used this one or one of the others I mentioned?

I was intending to go with a pellet and bbt mold, but their out right now.

35 shooter:
No suggestions? I’ve tentatively settled on the Noe 359-115 rf mold for now. That way I can size to whatever the rifle likes.
Once I have rifle and mold in hand I’ll put up some range results.

35 shooter:
Recieved the rifle today along with one of Neil’s LDC’s, which came with the rifle and was already set up for.
Also recieved a Lee Magnum ladle pot and a Lee 125 gr. double cavity .358 mold.
Should have my .356 and .357” size sides by Wed.

No time to shoot today, but I did give it some air and it’s holding. This one has a gauge that’s in mpa, but I take it the outer no’s. are psi?
Previous owner also sent a tin of pellets along with it…. just need to get a scope mounted now.

35 shooter:
I was wrong… only one set of no. on the dial, so must be mpa.
Anyway 3200 psi is a bit over 22 mpa and I have to go to 3500 psi or 250 bar on my hand pump to show 240 bar on my 22 challenger gauge so I’ll go by that and not go past 22 mpa to start with till I see how close the pump gauge and rifle mpa gauge agree.?
The mpa thing is all new to me, but I looked up the conversion formula for psi to mpa online.
Anyway, 240 bar is the sweet spot on my 22 challenger, so probably a good place to start on the 35.

 Adding a hammer spring adjuster lets you move the sweet spot to what ever power level you want, my .30 can go from 50 fpe up to 110 fpe, and I may have a little extra in the tank yet if I wanted.


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