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Theoretical muzzle velocity for gas spring air rifle


Hello, I was wondering what the highest possible muzzle velocity from a gas piston air rifle would be. Iím curious because I just graduated with a degree in engineering and wanted to construct my own air rifle. I wonít be using pellets as they are very inaccurate at supersonic velocities, so I would be using slugs. Lastly, I want to build a fast shooting air rifle just to put my knowledge into practice and ultimately see if itís possible, I understand itís not as efficient as smokeless powder.

I think that max velocity will depend largely  on your swept volume. The larger your volume the higher your velocity potential will be.
If you want to keep it in a airgun package look to the airgun manufacturers velocity numbers for a magnum springer. Should get you in the ball park. They have been playing the velocity game for years.


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