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Sad day for the Ohio’s vintage airgun community

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Hoosier Daddy:
Very sad... he was always enthusiastic at shows and will be greatly missed.

Dan was really a wonderful gent. His well-organized, fun shows at Findlay are a direct reflection of how hard he worked and how much he loved sharing the joy of this hobby.

I am very sad to hear this news.

Sad news indeed.  Dan was a good man, he will absolutely be missed.

Dan was a good friend who always had on a smile.  He and his wife Angie made a great team putting on the show.   Every time I saw a sling shot I thought about Dan.  He had an award winning display of them at the Kalamazoo airgun show one year.   

The last time I talked to Dan he was so up beat about his illness and how he knew he was going to beat it.  I had called just to check on him and he talked on and on about the show in the new location.

In Dans' honor lets make this the best Findlay show ever!!

Dan will be missed.

Hoosier Daddy:
Dan and Slingshots... YES!
 Last year at Findlay he was SO giddy about that "Slingshot Rifle" he bought!
It was very cool indeed.


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