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Steaming Dents out of a Weihrauch stock

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Bad News Beeman:
Hi all. Welp, I made an idiot mark on the stock of a recently acquired Beeman HW97K. I accidently rubbed the butt end against a zipper on my jacket which somehow managed to leave a light dent trail on the side of the comb. Quite frankly I'm amazed that this casual act managed to cause such a pressure mark, but here we are.

Its light enough that taking a clear photo was challenging, but it sticks out like a sore thumb to me everything I look the rifle over. I'd like to steam it out without having to refinish the entire stock. My fear though is that applying a wet cloth and hot iron will destroy the finish in and around where dent is. Has anyone tried this? And if so, what was your experience and the results?

In my never humble opinion just leave it . All it means is that the rifle has been used  that is part of the patina that it should acquire . If you don't want marks then don-t use it 
NB trying to fix it could make it worse.

You could hit it very briefly with an hot iron and wet rag, but be quick .... see if there's movement in the wood.

Otherwise, leave as suggested by Novagun.

The risk to reward ratio in using a technique you're not familiar with does not make sense.

Life isn't perfect, neither are you, or that gun. More marks will happen, and these will all be apart of the 'life of the object'.

It adds character!
Ya I get it!
It's like that first dent on a new car it just bugs the s@#t out of you and every time you look at it your eye is drawn to the ding.
Leave it alone and enjoy the gun. After a while you won't even notice it.


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