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Crosman 1400 weird air leak

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Got a weird one here. I reasealed this rifle a couple days ago and have put a lot of shots through it. I have a 140 as well so I have had fun comparing the two. The 1400 has more crack to it but after putting a flat piston in the 140, they're both pretty similar.

What isn't similar is the issue. Both rifles have been those kinds of projects you take apart over and over. The 1400 leaks through the barrel but only when you're halfway between pump 5 and 6, then is hisses loudly. If I quickly pump, it usually stops by pump 7 or 8. Last shot I did I was able to nail an old spray paint can from around 40 yards at 11 pumps. I was shooting it and the 140 at 10, but added a pump for potential loss.

The rifle doesn't always do this though, so it's odd. I replaced the seals with a kit from eBay since originally it held no pressure at all. The surfaces seemed fine though the part the quad goes into has some damage on the retaining ring. I forgot the retainer was a thing, and was stuck a flat blade screwdriver across it and left an indentation when messing with the old seal. Anyways I cleaned that up well I had thought, but figured it may be worth mentioning.

Any help would be great!

Alsoo, would anyoone know the size of the quad ring and where to order them in bulk? I measured mine and have close matches but I want to make sure.

When I resealed my 1rst variant 760, someone suggest an O-ring, to replace the quad seal. I donít know if they would be the same size as for a 140/1400. Maybe some else can confirm.

I have an older 760 that does something similar.  Sometimes it will whine after a shot, too.  I suppose video of that would be interesting.

I do believe that the o-ring is the same size.  4x8x2 mm.  Greasing it is recommended.



Maybe here?


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