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Flag City (Findlay) show

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Hoosier Daddy:
I fully intend on being there again!
Like Steve, I am disappointed they changed the venue this year.
I was looking forward to sharing a couple tables with him. Probably won't be there the entire day with no place to sit and share my samiches together.
The "Cube" was awesome and always sold out. Why they opted for a smaller place is beyond me.  ::)
 So.. I will just bring a couple guns in the truck and my wallet..
Here is a pic from last year.

I will be there - very much looking forward to it.

I don't know about this year's change of location, but please note the very large "Cube" venue was first used in 2022 - most previous Findlay locations were smaller.  Certainly, organizing an airgun show involves finding a place that will accept 'guns', has suitable space, affordable rent, and a workable date available.  Remember "Flag City Toys That Shoot" was held for years at the Lighthouse Center and we all had a great time!  I'm looking forward to another fine show this year, with a bunch of goodies to put on the table and always an eye out for something odd to take home.

Don R.

I also missed out on tables.. my own fault though for not reserving earlier.

I know I won't be making the drive there now unfortunately.

Maybe next year, we shall see!

I'm gonna try to make an appearance.


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