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Flag City (Findlay) show

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Planning to be there! Look forward to seeing people and maybe exchanging money for something mostly made of wood and metal. :)

I'll be there too, but without a table, I'm not sure how long I'll hang around.

I'll be bringing a Daisy 117 (in the box) and a tuned HW97K along for trading/selling purposes.

Hoosier Daddy:
Rumor has it somebody cancelled and a table opened up available.
I've kindly been offered a small corner of it. Even if I don't sell anything I will have a place to sit and see some old friends and make new ones.

Better get to making some more GTA window stickers to hand out ;)

Just looked on the map and I'm about 70 miles away straight down 224 W.  If I can I am going to go.  Might take a few airguns with me that I don't use.


A friend that had two tables sold me one. Awesome!  Looking forward to the best show Findlay has ever seen.  Bringing a lot for display because sharing the hobby is really more fun for me than selling.  I will be bring some guns to sell as well trying to narrow my collection. 


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