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  If you had a pound of "Good Stuff" and you wanted to go out and try some, would you take the Entire pound with you.,  well No.
 I use some of 1.5"x1.5" Apple Bags and fill them with pellets. Keeps them clean and dry, the 1.5x1.5", without overfilling they hold about an ounce of pellets, < 28 of 15.4gr, 30 of 14.3gr, 40 - 45 of 7.4gr -10.5gr, or around 20 of .25cal.
  When i want to take a short shooting session i take 1 or 2 filled apple bag of pellets and headout. Pellet testing is alot easier with a few apple bags opposed to a few tins of alot of pellets. Heading out hunting there is no rattle or a pound of heavy pellets. Not long ago i ordered some 2"x3" mylar bags, these will be used to hold a couple few of the prefilled 1.5apple bags and be used on their own to pack pellets.
 Dont forget to label your bags..;psc=1


I fill my mags and put them in a pocket, I've had way too many bent skirts carrying loose pellets.

 I do that aswell when taking out the 2 magfed Airguns i have. But mags do get empty, so i keep an apple bag or two or more depending on what im doing.
 Keeps them dry and clean, if you drop 1 bag on the floor,,, well thats better than dropping a 250 or 500 pc tin.. Applebags protect from rain, snow, dirt, the elements..
Apple Bags get reused till they look worn or develop a hole., not a problem at .7cents each,
EverydayImHustling XD


This is what I use

36 Pack 1 OZ Plastic Jars Round Clear Cosmetic Container Jars with Lids, Eternal Moment Plastic Slime Jars for Lotion, Cream, Ointments, Makeup, Eye shadow, Rhinestone, Samples, Pot, Travel Storage

 A more durable option


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