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Would anyone be so kind as to help identifying this rifle?

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I Recently picked this rifle up for what I believe to be an absolute steal. I however am having some serious trouble finding information about it online and was hoping one of you fine folks might be able to help me out.

Seems to be a Sam Yang Rifle, it says Saver-II Cal 505.

It is chambered in .22

Serial number is printed on the opposite side of the frame.
Seems most similar to the Golden Saver 7000 But it doesn't seems to be an exact match.
Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Having trouble uploading attachments directly to the site, so i am linking to some pictures offsite of the rifle.

Saver-II is a Shin Sung. Manufacturer out of South Korea, and they are no longer in business, as far as we know.

Pyramyd Air

Do you have any references to point to where I might find more info on the rifle? The side of the rifle above Saver-II Also says Sam Yang Ind. Co.

Sadly, no. These have not been imported into the USA since 2007-2009, or maybe even earlier. Originally these were sold under RWS brand in Cabela's in early 2000s....

Take a look here:

Hope this helps


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