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Winchester 70-35. DonnyFL. Not having a good time.

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I purchased one of these 70-35s a couple of years ago at this point,  and I've never enjoyed it. I bought it locally, for actually a decent price. They probably wanted to get rid of it. To this day, they've never sold the only other PCP air rifle that was sitting next to it.

Anyways, since the day I purchased it, it's never been very accurate. I've  only really ever shot at 25 yards. It doesn't matter what ammo I put through, I've never pulled any groups even close to what some people's videos of tests showed when shooting at 50 or further if I remember right. It would stack a couple at maybe an inch or two group, then a sudden flier. Original configuration, just the shroud or even with no shroud at all. JSB, FX pellets. Nielson slugs. Doesn't really matter. Optics doesn't change how it shoots either. I've never had a group of touching holes at 25 yards

The next problem I have is when I purchased a DonnyFL Emperor and the rainstorm adapter. When I was shopping, I researched and saw that people said the rainstorm adapter would work. Mine had the fake moderator on it. I emailed and asked which one, and they confirmed the rainstorm adapter would fit and suggested the Emperor. I was going to buy a shorter model that i dont remember the name of, but decided to listen to their suggestion. Well from the start, it's done nothing but baffle strike.

A couple times in the last few years, I've contacted them for help about what I could do to get it to stop. Izzy correspond with me about it. The first time though, I gave him all the measurements he asked for and even paid for a custom adapter. But after a couple messages. He told me Donny said another adapter wouldn't make a difference for my rifle, try another ammo. Izzy refunded my money and that was it.

I talked to him a second time just wanting anything to make my $300ish dollar investment work. I also noticed something on their website that I don't think was there before. They say the rainstorm adapter does not work with the Winchesters with the fake moderator, they'd have to make a custom. Great, I just want it to shoot. Contact again, talk to Izzy again. Went through talking to him again, mentioning about the first time and was giving him any information that he needed. He told me that because the original rainstorm adapter was supposed to fit over the barrel, I'm probably getting baffle strikes because the shroud, adapter and moderator are sagging. Never heard back after a couple messages about measurements.

Fast forward to this week. I ordered some aluminum tubing in 10x15mm, and had a coworker turn it to slightly press fit my adapter onto it and get the end to fit up to the barrel. Its all concentric and fits good. The adapter now fits nice and snug up to the barrel, and cannot droop. Tried to use the moderator again, still baffle striking, like the moderator itself is still drooping. Before, Izzy had told me they sometimes used Teflon tape to take up tolerances in the threads, but that didn't seem to help either. With the moderator on, my POI changed two feet below where it was grouping before.

I'm pretty much just at my witts end with this. I have probably $1200 invested into an air rifle between the gun itself, a moderator and an Air Venturi tank and I hate it. I would love to just buy a different rifle, but theres not much of a market where I live, I don't think I could sell this one if I tried. Not to mention, the wife would probably never let me buy another because of all the problems shes watched me have with this one. I like the thought of air guns for my critter problems, but holy cow do I wish I would have maybe done more research or something. Even then, most people I see talking about the Winchesters seem to like them.

What should I do?

I've read they are just an Evanix for the most part.
I have had, and still have several, Evanix AG's.
Can probably fix the issues for you if you'd like.

It sounds like yet another poor quality Evanix barrel. They very often have the inside the breech part much tighter than the rest of the barrel and when the last half an inch under the threads looks like this you are lucky to get 1" groups at 25:

IMG_2102_zpsjuwqnfjz by abbababbaccc, on Flickr

You can fix it with lots of lapping and if the threading has damaged the bore you need to cut that part out. However, the best thing would be a new barrel that's properly machined. Start by slugging the barrel, it should be smooth pushing from the breech end (once the bullet is in) towards the muzzle, no tight spots and not loose letting the bullet almost drop through.

Thanks for the offer Privateer. I'll see what , if anything I can do before I hand it off to someone else.

rkr, would poor threading cause tumbling or something? I don't see how I have baffle strikes if this wasn't the case. When looking at the rifling, it is the most uneven wavy looking threading I've ever seen. I'll try pushing a slug through and see how easy or hard it is.

If I wanted to just throw money at it, is there anyone that produces custom .357 barrels I can have a machinist fit to my rifle?

Madd Hatter:
Make sure the bore of the barrel is concentric to od. I have a sentry.25 cal that while the muzzle end of the barrel exits in the middle the breach end is off center. If I put any ldc on the barrel it clips badly. It shoots some what ok without any thing on the muzzle end of the barrel.


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