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Transaction with bintac llc

I just wanted to share my experience with Bin from bintac. So tax time is Among Us and that's when most of us are in the market for a new rifle. Now to cut to the chase I was looking at the aea Challenger Pro in 30 caliber. 30 caliber has been sold out for a long time everywhere. It just so happens I had bumped into Bin at the zoo in Boston. My wife and my daughter and I were on our way out and I saw what looked like a familiar face. I have watched all of his videos on YouTube. So I asked if it was him he told me yes, so I talked with him for a few minutes. One of the nicest people I have ever met might I add. So about a week later I decided maybe I would give him a call so I did I was looking for the 30 caliber like I said earlier and he told me he hadn't had any for a while. What he did do is he told me is he would sell me a 25 caliber Pro with a 30 caliber barrel and probe as an add-on. I live right in New Hampshire I'm about an hour north of his house so he gave me his home address and my daughter and I took a ride. He greeted us at the door and brought us inside, he took a case off the shelf and opened it up and I was astonished. I had never seen a challenge or Pro with an air tank as big as this one. It had a custom stock on the back. The deal I cut with him was just for the rifle, which is better than any other dealer out there right now, he also gave me his last 30 caliber Barrel and probe, a 500cc air Reservoir upgrade three magazines in both calibers, multiple tins of ammunition in both calibers and like I said I had brought my daughter with me and he also gave her a leapfrog pad. He gave me all this for the original price for the rifle I cut with him over the telephone. This is the best transaction I have ever made with any business hands down. And he is a gentleman and one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. I am extremely happy with my purchase and I am extremely happy I decided to go through bintac LLC. After I had gotten home and I took everything out to check it all out like we always do, I realized I only had the one spring the one that was already installed. I contacted Bin just to ask which spring was in the gun, he told me but on top of that he took the other spring and mailed it to me free of charge.
                The moral of this long post is I would recommend Bin at bintac to anyone at any time. I usually don't post much but if I do anybody who has ever read the few posts that I have put up it has been about positive customer service. We all see stuff out there from the few people that are unhappy. We are using machines, machines do have flaws from time to time. But what we really don't see much of are the positive ends of things. So anytime I ever have a positive dealing with a person or company, I want everybody to know. I thank all who took the time out of their day to read this post, and I hope all of you are safe happy and healthy.


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