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Apologies to Sheridan Aficionados - forgive me

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 Wow.  I never even saw a picture of one.  I was aware of the Spanish Setra, didn't know a Japanese version existed.  These must be very rare in this country, yes?

I have been able to find next to nothing on the web about it.

One link here on GTA -

Thanks for the pics, here's a little more about them -

Video -



--- Quote from: Goose on March 09, 2023, 12:49:47 PM ---Thanks for the pics, here's a little more about them -

Video -

Nice video


--- End quote ---

Only difference between my SKB and the YouTube video is mine has a solid blued pivot pin. Too bad he didnít give details on performance. Many have said the Japanese Sharp Ace is the MSP powerhouse. I too am curious how the SKB will perform.

Its going to be a bit as the alcohol flush didnít work. I have a Sheridan rebuild kit on the shelf. Will have see just how similar it is to the Sheridan. With the pump mechanism working it should help with disassembly.


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