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Umarex Notos. Initial Impressions/Observations

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Rat Sniper (AKA: PaulT58):
So, curiosity got the best of me and I ordered a Notos while PA had their Valenitne's Day special running.  I ordered with the iron sights since I am really enjoying the Hatsan Jet 1 with the built in iron sights.  Well, I can tell you to save your money if you're wanting to keep the Notos as a carbine!  The iron sights sit way too low and it's impossible to line up the sights with it configured as a carbine!  Having said that, the sights and pistol grips really should be included, because the sights might actually work if it configured as a pistol!  But, not where in the ad does it say anything about them not working when the Notos is configured as a carbine!  I'll probably keep them and may eventually get a set of the pistol grips, but for now they are pretty worthless!  I'd return them, but between return shipping and the restocking fee, I'd probably lose money!  If Umarex is too cheap to include both e iron sights and the pistol grips in the package with the Notos, or at least sell the pistol grips and iron sights together as a package, since that's where they might actually work!

Aside for that, the Notos has it's high points!  It's very light, very accurate and is very quiet with the built in moderator!  Being regulated it's also much more effecient than the Hatsan Jet 1!  I can get 2 full magazines (14 shots in .22 and 12 shots in .25) out of the Jet before needing a refill.  I can probably get twice that or more out of the Notos!  Again, Umarex skimped and only supplied 1 magazine, the Jet came with 2!  The Jet will also use the larger 10 round Hatsan Sortie magazine so you need less magazine swaps. 

I did find that with a slight modification, my old SPA 7 round mags (from the Varmint/Bandit) work in the Notos, so since I still had a couple laying around, I was able to make myself a couple spares!  There are pictures below of the SPA Mag (left) and Notos Mag (right).  All that's needed for the SPA mag to work in the Notos is to file off the small rail at the bottom edge of the magazine.  I'd love to find a larger capacity magazine that would work with the Notos, but for the moment I'm drawing a blank...

I've shot 4 magazines through it, aired it back up and will let it sit over night to check for leaks.  I will get some comparison picture of it next to the Jet 1 also, for size comparison.  The Jet is smaller!  The Notos appears to use a standard AR style buffer tube for the stock, so swapping to a different butt stock shouldn't be an issue.  Also, it appears the Notos has an adjustable hammer spring for some tenability, but you have to remove the stock to access it.  I still need to run it over the chrony, but initial impression is it's shooting very close to the same velocity as the Jet.  Stay tuned, more to come...

Hey Paul, first of all thanks for the very detailed first sight on the Notos. So now my question, would you think if you remove the iron sights in the Carbine setup and replace it with a Red Dot sight, that the sight picture would be high enough to work. My eyes even with my prescription eye glases don't give me a very good sight picture with open sights anymore, so i would have to add on a Red Dot sight in anyway. Thanks in advance. And again thank you so much for the very detailed first impressions on the Umarex Notos.

Rat Sniper (AKA: PaulT58):
Juergen, yes, I think a red dot would be fine, and it it were still too low, it's easy enough to add a riser, of the height needed, to get a red dot aligned.  The iron sights fit into specific dovetail grooves in the top rail, so there is no way to increase the height or place them anywhere other than the 2 slots provided. 

I did try a set of Daniel Defense AR style iron sights that attach to the top Picatinny rail, but I wasn't able to adjust the front sight enough to get the elevation I needed.  I have a UTG SWAT Scope mounted to it right now, but am considering swapping it for a red dot.  I have a red dot mounted on one of my Hatsan Jets and may move it to the Notos since the Jet has the iron sights built in.

Thank you so much for your insight of this subject. That will help me a lot for the purpose i have intented. Looks like this Umarex Notos is the perfect midrange truck/backpack pcp gun.

Rat Sniper (AKA: PaulT58):
Here are a couple more pictures.  The top is a 7 shot string at 25 yards shooting Crosman Domes.  The 2nd is a size comparison of the Notos and Jet 1.  Both have their stocks all the way in.  The Jet has a 0db Moderator attached.


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