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Rare & Unusual Airgun, Gamo Hunter 220, by Airgun Detectives


For 2023, Airgun Detectives has a "Rare & Unusual Airgun Series" in which we feature uncommon and/or no longer manufactured airguns. We will showcase a different model airgun every month.  Today, we are showing you the Gamo Hunter 220.  This is a .177 caliber breakbarrel air rifle, that has significant meaning, in that it is over 30 years old. 
*Note all airgun demonstrations and displays are conducted in a safe environment, on a range, specifically designed for "Airguns"

That wood finish! Oh My! thanks for picking this one, John!

I'm an honorably discharged, disabled 'Nam vet and I just can't do the desecrated American flag covered in thin blue line gang symbols behind you. 

Gang symbols  ;D ;D ;D


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