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Painting metal swingers... what do you use?

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I have these AR500 2" swinging disk targets lag-bolted to trees in the back yard woods at 20, 30, 40 and 50 yards.  During the winter, the black color worked pretty well but now the snow is melting and I can't see the targets when I'm shooting with open sights.

In the past, I've used white spray paint to keep them visible.  The problem is, keeping the can of spray paint from clogging between uses. If I turn it upside down and clear the nozzle each time, I usually run out of pressure before I run out of paint.  If I don't do it, the nozzle usually gets plugged long before the paint gets used up.  Cheap spray paint isn't very expensive but I hate to waste it and create hazardous waste, as well.

I'm wondering if there is some simple whitewash; maybe even something I can make at home, that would serve as a convenient way to keep my targets visible.

What do you use to keep your targets bright?

All the new nozzles seem to be garbage.  The rust oleum farm and implement paint has the older style nozzle and does not plug up. I shoot a lot in my yard and I am constantly painting my targets. After I use it I do hold the fan upside down and spray until paint stops coming out.

How about a small can of latex paint and a cheap foam brush.

I use a cotton swab and a cheap bottle of nail polish remover to clean the spray tips on the cheap can paint.

 Bright colored Masking tape, SWMBO is a professional painter ;)


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