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Cold day indoor fun.


Was cold out
Today so I shot one of my all time favorite revolvers. The Crosman 38T .22 from 20ft offhand at some printed targets. Gotta love this revolver.

Nice shooting John.   8)


--- Quote from: Habanero69er on January 30, 2023, 08:52:06 PM ---Nice shooting John.   8)

--- End quote ---

Thank you sir. One of my better days.

I'm fortunate also to have a full 10 Meter indoor range shooting from one end of the basement to the other through open doors and what not.  I get a lot of use out of the range when setting up and testing airguns.  In the winter there is no heat on that side of the basement so it is cold about 60 degrees but still usable.  I just plug in a small space heater near the shooting bench bench to warm me up while sitting.  I also taped off on the floor at 20 feet and then every 5 feet after that so I know exactly how far I am away from the backstop.  I also have a marking at 10 Meters.  I will mostly shoot my Beeman P17 at a SIG 2 paddle knock down target from 10M. 

Pistol shooting these distances of 20-35 feet is great.  For rifles CO2 or low powered PCP do the trick.  I do all my chrono testing here and setting up scopes.  Just very fortunate to have the range regardless of what the weather is doing outside when you want or need to test something.       


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