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Beeman P17 LDC

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--- Quote from: Hawkeye51 on July 03, 2023, 02:46:41 PM ---If you convert the safety to manual then you can hold the trigger in while cocking and release it when the moderator hits the trigger guard. Slightly shorter stroke, but a longer barrel can make up the difference in fps.

--- End quote ---
Thanks for the idea. 

Was also thinking of making a quick(er) detach for a moderator.  Maybe along the lines of a multi-start thread.  Printing a moderator with the multi-start thread would be the easy part.  I designed a 5 start thread.  That means, 5x less rotations of the thread until it is tight.  Have to figure out how to make the barrel adapter (on my lathe).  It would be a 5 start 1/2"-20.  An individual lead would be 4 threads per inch.  So it would look like a normal 1/2-20, but a 1/2-20 won't fit.  The advantage is the device will come on and off in less time.  The disadvantage is making the multi-start adapter.


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