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Going to Try 10M Again


Frank in Fairfield:
Friday night at Bay Point, CA (Diablo)
I have went twice before but it is Friday night and there are commuters trying to get home.
I think it is from work, whatever that is.
This week I am driving to EdCís home in Rio Vista and letting him drive opposite to the commute direction.
I will pay the bridge toll.
I plan on shooting the FWB601 and maybe the IZZY butÖ
If I do it better be with two hands.
You be the judge:

You do what you can.  1-hand or 2-hand.

Your 1-hand target is better than what my rifle target looked like.
When I was starting 10m AR, I struggled to put all the shots inside the 1-ring.  And a few completely missed the target :-(

If you WANT to shoot 1-handed, you just need to work on it.  Maybe with the help of a pistol coach.
I gave up, and got an AR coach to help me.  That was a HUGE help.  I got so that I was easily holding the black, and that was good enough, for me.  I did not want to sacrifice my AP scores to raise my AR scores.

10m rifle or pistol is a tough test of shooting skills.   The score doesn't BS, it tells you exactly how good or bad you did.   You don't often hear 10m shooters saying things like  "so accurate it's boring"  or my favorite "all day long".    Although after a long 10m practice session I have been known to say "my shooting stunk all day long".


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