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Off Season 10M Casual Match #5 Year 22/23

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I figure 20 Xs is as much odds as it is skill and equipment, soooo shoot enough cards, and you could get that big 2  0.

I enjoy shooting in these matches, it gives me motivation to improve, Iím going to keep trying to get better, but I know if I get the 20 Xs, itís going to be a big happy fluke.

Now, getting 200 with my MPC is a goal that might have more to do with me than odds.

OK, 15 bulls is all I could muster this week, I spent all my 'free' time casting slugs and getting to know the new pot.

JTS Airacuda MAX .22
Alpha 6, 4.5X27X55 scope
CPHP .22
Seated, rested front and back
200/200 15X

Nice looking target David! Good shooting, my friend!



--- Quote from: KB7PYF on January 15, 2023, 10:04:54 PM ---Nice looking target David! Good shooting, my friend!


--- End quote ---

Thank you, Charlie!

I am hoping to pull the barrel on the JTS and get it cleaned and waxed. I am hoping that will give me the last little bit of accuracy I need for 20X!   :o

Rifle:  Air Arms S510
.  PCP Class
.  Shot @ 10M
.  Rested F/R
.  Scope:  Hawke @7 power
.  Pellet: .177 RWS R10 Match 8.2 gr
.  Shot at lowest power setting (UNK FPS)
.  Score: 200/200 16X    >>Note: Corrected I "X" out too many squares!<<


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