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Ron Spomer Daisy Red Ryder Review


Can we get a modern PCP in his hands for a review?

<QUOTE>Who is Ron Spomer?
For 44 years Iíve had the good fortune to photograph and write about my passion Ė the outdoor life. Wild creatures and wild places have always stirred me Ė from the first flushing pheasant that frightened me out of my socks in grandpaís cornfield to the last whitetail that dismissed me with a wag of its tail. In my attempts to connect with this natural wonder, to become an integral part of our ecosystem and capture a bit of its mystery, Iíve photographed, hiked, hunted, birded, and fished across much of this planet. I've seen the beauty that everyone should see, survived adventures that everyone should experience. I may not have climbed the highest mountains, canoed the wildest rivers, caught the largest fish or shot the biggest bucks, but Iíve tried. Perhaps you have, too. And thatís the essential thing. Being out there, an active participant in our outdoor world."

Moved to the Review Gate.


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