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Laminated 2240/Disco Shoulder Stock

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Thanks for the suggestions. I will probably go for the 2250B barrel band to attach the forestock, that's a grand idea.

Got the stock nearly finished. After filling those hairline cracks I sanded the entire stock down to 300 grit, then I gave it two coats of stain, the dark stain did a good job concealing the imperfections and cracks, but it was a tad more red than I'd have liked. After the stain I sealed the wood with two coats of boiled linseed oil and replaced the screws with brass flat head screws. All that's left is to shape a piece of steel or brass into a butt plate. I'm pleased with how well concealed the laminations are after the stain and oil finish, I feel like you can hardly tell it's not a solid piece of wood.

That stain looks really nice. I always love cherry and agree that it doesn't look like laminate.


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