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Laminated 2240/Disco Shoulder Stock

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These wooden crosman shoulder stocks go for about $200 which is out of my price range, so I thought maybe I can have a go at my own. I ordered 5 of these 1/4" x 16" cherry boards, I plan to laminate them all together into a 1 1/4" plywood board and then cut out a profile for a new shoulder stock. Laminated stocks are usually made of thinner plies, but I'm using 1/4" because the 2240 pistol grip frame is exactly 1/4" thick, which will allow me to easily inlet the middle lamination around the grip. The hardest part is going to be inletting of the wood in some areas, but I've done some pretty tight inletting work in the past so maybe I can manage it. I chose cherry because the tight uniform grain shouldn't reveal the fact that it's a lamination as much as a wood with darker grain patterns, also cherry wood is just nice.

Here is the first 1/4" ply cut to profile, the design is partially based on the design of the stock on the Diana Chaser, and partially on a French Tulle Fusil.

What it will look like on the gun

Still debating whether I want to hollow out the middle of the stock as the Crosman stocks come, or leave it full, I think it will depend on the final center of balance, the 26" barrel leaves it rather front heavy so I'm leaning toward not hollowing out.

I'll update as I make progress.

 Looks great ! A wood fore stock would be the cherry on the sundae ;)


--- Quote from: Back_Roads on December 21, 2022, 09:24:45 AM --- Looks great ! A wood fore stock would be the cherry on the sundae ;)

--- End quote ---

Thanks, I plan to work on a forestock as well with the leftover cherry, still considering ways of attaching said forestock though as I do not have the barrel bands that allow for a forestock, I may have to just epoxy straight onto the tube, but I don't like permanent attachments.

Getting the bulk of the shaping done with a carving knife and a rasp, then going back with a (&#^((&^* file to smooth it out. You can see a hairline crack in this photo, sadly the ply cracked before I could get it glued, maybe it will be less obvious with a dark stain.

Looks really nice, albeit it could use more cheek weld.


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