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I made me another numbers target


As some of you know I like shooting up in the attic in the winter time.  Well recently I destroyed all the data on this puter so I lost the old targets I had stored, this morning I made a 15 shot target
that I'll be using in my attic today shooting my Crosman 362 with my cast wad cutters.  It helps in the winter when I get the cabin fever for the cold weather. I've also got a couple other targets I made
for pin ups up in the woods for sighting in stuff.

here's the target I'll be using today in the attic..

Looks nice. I really want that .22 wadcutter mold after getting the 20 gr hunter. It's shooting great in several of my guns.

Eddie I really like that mold, I tried them out in my most recent purchase a Webly Nemesis, I'm going to get a good red dot for it I think but the wad cutters worked
perfect in that gun.  I'm glad they worked so good in the magazine too.

Very nice target!

Thanks Ben !!! I've made another one since then and I still need to space the numbers better so I'll be making another one.
Here's the newer target using my Crosman 150, it's better but I do want to make a better one.  I think I'll stagger the numbers
around the target so they're not so close to each other.


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