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Hans Apelles

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From Hector Medina:


My first interaction with the Apelles was back in 2002

Back then Hans and Ray were pioneering the FT game shooting EunJin Career rifles.
Of course Hans, being the great thinker he was, came up with the idea of regulating the pressure before the valve, and so, they made a few regulators for the Career.
I was lucky enough to get one and install it in a 0.20 Cal carbine.

I also always kept abreast of the FT shoots at DCPA through the AAFTA Newsletter; the "target in the drum" was (in)famous!

Fast forward to my emigration to the US and the first time I met them in person was at a DCPA shoot in May 2011.
Hans took the time to mentor my wife, Roni, in her SECOND FT shoot using her own HW95:

That was Hans.

Always with a good word, a smile, and a gentle manner.

We shared many a lane with both Hans and Ray, from Binghamton:

To the Crosman Northeast Regional matches:

Whether wet or dry Hans always shone:

A great gunsmith and shooter:

A great MD:

Indefatigable promoter of FT doing the hard, behind the scenes, work:

And a great Parent:

Hans has gone to where all the pellets are exactly identical and consistent, where the winds flow at constant velocities, and where targets always fall when hit in the KZ.
Because he enjoyed the challenge of FT and he would not have a place where the pellets ALWAYS hit the paddle.

One of his best phrases when someone was waxing poetic about X or Y rifle was: "Maybe, but it is still YOU the one that squeezes off the shot at the right moment".

Hans will be missed.

Roni and Hector"

RIP Hans. You will be missed!!!

God Speed Hans!

hugs and prayers out to Ray and the rest of the Apelles family

Surely many many memories by those who knew him. His name is well known and his contributions are well documented.
God speed Hans !! ....
Best of wishes to his family and friends in this difficult time of mourning & remembrance.

Boy I hate to hear that!  My first attempt at Marauder tuning was with their instructions!


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