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Cleaning Your Barrel When Shooting Slugs?

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Inquisitive minds want to know.

Nice comment Jari.


I just read that article yesterday.
With my GEN I Marauder, it liked the H&N .218dia slugs best. 
However, I  polished that barrel.

I got a Armada last year.  It liked my go to pellets:  JSB 18.13grn.
But the slugs, looked like a wide spread shotgun.  I have not polished that barrel yet. 

I will try to get out on Tuesday if the weather clears enough.

Bob, a couple years back I was having the dickens getting any kind of group out of my .308.  After many attempts to figure it out, I had tried just about every thing. First it was the baffles clipping, then I had problems with fouling of my barrel. While trying to solve that problem I found what felt like a constriction where the allen head screws secured the barrel band to the barrel. I fired lapped the barrel with Wheeler's medium and fine grits. That helped some but I was still getting a fouled barrel but it was not as bad. The swagded ammo I was using was pure lead and I wasn't happy with the FPS I was getting. So in a attempt to gain a few feet per second I polished the barrel with a mop and red jeweler's rouge. I gained maybe 15 fps and reduced the fouling but didn't eliminate it. I started testing banded bullets to reduce the bearing length and immediately picked up a 100 FPS. I read one of your articles about adding 5% tin to the pot to helped fill out the mold and I decided to give it a try. Not only did it do what you said but it also practically eliminated all leading of my barrel. So now I clean my barrel about once ever 1000 shots and it is cleaned with 3 patches. Prepping the barrel  is the key to eliminate the fouling, but using the right metal in the slugs is the key.     

I use a combination of the various methods of tapered bore lapping, using a combination of patches with JB Bore paste and the lapping paper recommended by Todd at TJ's, followed by Motorhead's Mothers mag wheel polish and Trewax hard wax treatment.

I rarely clean my barrels.  Now that I think of it I am at a place where I can test a decently dialed in gun with >1k slugs through it, shoot say 5 or so groups, then clean/re-wax and shoot another 5 or so groups.  maybe in the next week or so.  Combo is a TJ's 1:26 .300 mostly shooting NOE .300-55's running in the low 900's.  Currently it is shooting 1-2" groups at 100 yards assuming I do my part. 

Actually this now has my interest, so I will follow through in upcoming days/weeks. 

Should I post here or a new thread elsewhere?

Keep the barrel cleaning stuff here, please, so we can all find it!....  8)



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