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Cleaning Your Barrel When Shooting Slugs?

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 Still not sure about post cleaning needs, make it smooth give it a non stick coating and just flipping shoot till I hit no more, it would be different if I was trying to earn a dollar competevily . There may be a point when too much practice fouls my barrel ;)

So many comments,  but only 11 votes!  😕


--- Quote from: HunterWhite on March 12, 2023, 10:30:07 PM ---So many comments,  but only 11 votes!  😕

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My 👎 bad.



--- Quote from: mackeral5 on March 12, 2023, 02:48:48 PM ---

Went ahead pulled and cleaned the barrel.  This is a 1:26 TJ's .300 that has seen >2k slugs since last cleaning.  I am sharing a few random borescope pics from the process:

As it came out of the gun:

After a few tight fitting patches soaked in ballistol

After polishing with Mothers Mag and Aluminum polish.

Then a couple of acetone patches to remove all residue, the I applied a liberal swabbing of Trewax.  The trewax is drying, will reassemble and do some groups later.

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Sorry for the lack of followup here.  I had some mechanical challenges that pretty much ruined the testing.  The Brod's bolt screw had loosened and was causing inconsistent velocities.  By the time I realized what was happening i pretty much tainted the results.  In the end the gun shoots the same as before, 1.5-2" groups at 100 yards.  I saw no real change with cleaning vs. dirty bore on this particular gun. 

This did give me motivation to address upgrade the .300 bolt screw/pin from 8/32 to 10/32, so that is a plus.

There are some barrel/breech stability issues that need to be addressed, once I have a solution I plan to repeat the test.  This particular gun has multiple barrels/calibers (.22, .25, and .300) and testing has shown they all perform the same from an accuracy perspective---1.5-2" at 100 yards with an occasional 1" or less group.  At Riku's urging I will be adding a barrel band, hopefully this will be the missing link to <or= moa accuracy.


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