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1322 Steel Breech Pellet Getting Stuck?

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On my 1322 if I don’t tilt the gun down the head of the pellet gets stuck in the hole where the small hex screw is located and deforms the pellet slightly . I have to gently get the pellet passed the hole so the bolt doesn’t deform the pellet against the lip of the screw hole when I’m closing the bolt then everything is fine. Any solutions?

Robert 5mm:
Fill it with a drip from a crayon ( I used yellow to see where I dripped to and a match to heat crayon )

I never tried the wax..and its the go to fix….before I got a round head screw from ebay …..I wrapped dental floss around the threads like a washer…it raised the head of the screw…..worked…..good luck

I followed Wyoman's minitutorial. Bought longer screws, slightly filed the head diameter and cut to length (cut off about 1.5 mm).

I packed mine with painters putty.


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