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HW50s tuned by Bayman


   I sent my new rifle to Bayman after firing just a 100 or so shots. It had a horrible shot cycle. Upon disassembly, Ron found a piece of slag inside the compression tube.
I contacted pyramyd and Ron handled the swap from there. The replacement rifle was much better, but did have alot of barrel droop. Ron was able to square it away. He fired 100s of pellets in testing after installing the vortek kit. His results suggested HN FTT 5.54mm.
 When I received the rifle back I was amazed at the shot cycle. My pellets got delayed in shipping and all I had left in .22 was RWS Superdomes. This particular hw50s .22 hates them. I received my order of HN FTT 5.54s Wednesday. This rifle is pcp accurate at 25 yards. I couldn't be happier. If in doubt, send it to Ron. Here are the results. The left group has 15 pellets in it, the right is a 5 shot group. These were shot at 22 yards.  This isn't off a perfect rest, but close. No surprise, the pellets shot are the 5.54 FTTs. I haven't tested anything else, not sure I see the need to.

My Bayman tuned HW50 in .22 is the most accurate, least hold sensitive springer I own.
Bayman is the MAN !


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