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Help with Shin Sung Fire 201 9mm

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So I'm excited to have obtained my first big bore, my second pcp. Starting out the tough way, I know, going with obsolete. Are parts available at all? This one came missing the charge handle / bolt pull (?). Really hoping not to have to fabricate one.
Also,  what fill probe do I need? Prefer quick disconnect since that's the way I'm tank filling my Armada. The Fire currently has a slip in style where the Benjamin has a threaded in quick disconnect. Ordered some slugs and can't wait to put some air in her. Crossing my fingers that seals are ok. Seal kit available? Can I do this myself? I'm not afraid to take it apart or should this be sent to someone to be done?
Thanks in advance for any links, info and advice.

Ever since Will Piatt left us, I too need another Korean airgun guru.

 Might have to make a call, but back in the day Air Venturi used to sell a foster quick connect fitting for these guns, they may also have a bolt handle, I thought I saw perhaps on Ebay an offer for after market bolt handles, as the OE ones have been known to break.

I've love to give some advice there, but my ShinSung 9mm has been pretty flawless.  Very slow leak, but not enough to sweat- and the prior owner included some Will Piatt parts.

Our community would benefit from another Korean-gun specialist.

   I have a 201 fire. Really like the rifle.  Was leaking so I tore it down to re seal it. Held of and was going to send it to Piatt for a complete tune. I just for out he is no longer around. He was awesome with these rifles. I dont know if there is anyone out there doing work on them


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