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partial review of my new tx200. there was alot more but it got lost

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i did a whole rightup on the tx i recieved today with pics and its not showing up here. and im not typing it all again lol. ill do a bit at a time. long story short its a great gun. comparison of the tx vs the b40. to be totally honest with you(IMO) THERE IS NONE. the b40 i had was a very good gun but t was mabye 50% of a tx. im not sure where peaple say that its 80% but the only thing that the 40 has in common with the tx is basic looks and wieght and fps. they are 2 totally differnt guns and should not be compared against each other. its the apple and orange thing. im not putting down anyone that has the 40 because they are great guns and i liked mine very much. i do have the problem in that i dont know if/when ill shoot my other guns because i dont think ill get the same enjoyment as i did before. if i do sell them, ill only be posting here because i told steve where he can stick his forum and deleted my account :) .

"dang" nice looking rifle tpw.  Enjoy it!


thank you. i had better pics but my resolution was set to high and couldnt load here. id like to get it in the sun tomorow. you would not believe the bluing on this. the only way i can describe it is black chrome. im gonna be anal about getting it scratched

Look's nice Tom!!! That bite's you lost your first post. Keep us up on your TX.


--- Quote from: tpw on September 01, 2010, 10:14:30 PM ---i did a whole rightup on the tx i recieved today with pics and its not showing up here.

--- End quote ---

I think that gator your holding ate your first post;).


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