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Wuzz Gowin Owin Peeple?

 I writing this notice to help clarify our recently announced Hajimoto Sidelever Cocking System for the Umarex Gauntlet series of airguns.
We have developed a sidelever cocking system for the following Umarex Gauntlet Models:

         Gauntlet 1 in .177, .22 and .25 Caliber
         Gauntlet 2 in .22 and .25 Caliber
         Gauntlet 2 in .30 Caliber
It is important to note that each of these sidelever cocking systems are different and not interchangeable. We have rolled out the Gauntlet 2 in .30 Caliber first and will be offering them as part of our G30 Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Ultimate Packages for the first few weeks.

We will then be offering the Hajimoto Side Lever for the G30 as a end user installable system.
The G1 and G2 models will be available in mid November and again will be introduced in our custom builds first and then offered as a user installable product a few weeks later.

As you all know, Hajimoto Productions does not do preorders, backorders or sell vaporware, we only sell what we have and that is on a first come first served basis.
We will continue to update you all through this blog first and then try to spread the word through our social media channels.

Some of the most frequent questions I have received are:
1.       Does the G30 system Fit the G1 or other G2 Calibers? No, G1, G2 and G2 30 Caliber Systems are all different and not interchangeable.
2.       Can the Hajimoto Sidelever Cocking System be used with the Super Tune Kit on my G1 or G2? Yes, The Sidelever system is 100% compatible with all existing Hajimoto modifications.
3.       Do I have cut or modify my action or stock to use the Hajimoto Sidelever Cocking System? No, there are no destructive measure required to install and use the Hajimoto Sidelever Cocking System. A Gauntlet that has our Sidelever system installed can be reverted back to a stock bolt action without any damage to the airgun.
4.       Is the Sidelever system made from plastic or is it 3D Printed? No, our sidelever system is machined from 6061 Aluminum and hard anodized. We do offer a generic 3D printed vertical handle which can be swapped out to whatever the end user chooses such as wood, aluminum or other type material.
5.       Will you be making an installation video? Yes, which is why there is a delay between sidelevers being offered as part of a build and sidelevers being offered as a user installable product.
6.       When changing magazines do I have to keep the handle held back? Yes, you will need to keep the side lever handle back to a full open position for magazine changes. We will be offering a hammer modification which will eliminate the need to hold the handle back but that will be in the near future.
7.       What is the cocking force reduction? The cocking force is reduced by 53%.
8.      How much will the user installable Hajimoto Sidelever Cocking System cost? The Sidelever system will be offered for $149.95 USD
As I said at the beginning of this notification, we will be making all updates here on the website first so registering with our website will be the fastest way to receive notification of availability or changes.
Thank you all for your support.

bear air:
Great work Hajimoto. These types of rifles that are much more affordable to purchase can really shine with a few aftermarket upgrades. Now if Crosman would jump on board with the Gen2 Marauder/Armada platform my prayers would be answered lol.


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