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LMBO...  ;D
So, started off shopping for a bench vise, and grew frustrated with the prices and low quality; and happened to notice that those little 120 volt inverter welders were running pretty much the same price as the vises I was looking at...  ???
Have literally tons of material, to make a vise with-but not in any way that could be bolted together, so figured what the heck, give it a shot-if it lasts just long enough to do that, I'll at least have a vise that won't snap in two on me...
So, I ordered a little "S Simder" stick welder for $65 from Wally-World-knew it would be small, but didn't expect this!!  ;D

That's my 1950's Lincoln Electric handbook for scale, about choked when I pulled it out of the box... But, was blown away by how well it works!
20-amp GFCI breaker, 120-volt circuit, 50' 12-ga. extension cord-was being able to lay beads with plenty of penetration from 1/16" 6013 electrodes on half-inch stock-would take a lot of passes, but sure could make big welds if I needed to (had it turned up enough that I was getting 5/16 wide beads, on the surface of the bar)!! Best part-absolutely no signs of stressing the circuit-burned 4 12" rods in about a half hour, and there was no heating of anything, anywhere-and I had the amps turned up way too high for that rod, melting it back almost faster than I could cram it in...  ;D
Really hoping this little guy will last, it will be a real boon around here!!
So many things that I can now build or repair, wished I'd have bought one of these sooner!

No pics of the welds, as I have literally never stick welded in my life, and they.... Well, weren't pretty LOL!
Already repaired a hand cultivator for the garden, that was some ugly welds/gobs/blobs (LOL)-but ground down to something half decent, and sure as heck ain't letting loose any time soon!
Woo-Hoo!  8)

So now just weld what you're working on to the bench? Ha!

That is one heck of a compact welder. Hope it works out for you and for under 70 bucks that would suit my needs wait i dont need one but want maybe.


--- Quote from: Insanity on October 01, 2022, 12:49:22 PM ---That is one heck of a compact welder. Hope it works out for you and for under 70 bucks that would suit my needs wait i dont need one but want maybe.

--- End quote ---
From what I've seen so far, it looks like it should do just fine-just hope it lasts!!!
Appears to be $69.90 now  ???

Try not to laugh-here's my test welds on 1/2" steel blocks...  ;)
You can see where I had some of them running pretty hot for 1/16 rod, but they got decent penetration, so you could definitely build up a large weld, if need be-also where I turned it down, and got a much smaller bead....

I should note, that if it wasn't for Dad giving me pointers, they'd look a heck of a lot worse...  :D


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