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Dual Tank Benchrest Rifle

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What about the pcp only one ninja makes? It has a steel output thread and I think a smaller diameter on the high side of piston. I can check that if you want me to.

It comes set at 3000 but Iím sure you could change Belleville stack.


There are 3000psi regulators available. 3000psi is a good set point for a high energy airgun.

Adding a couple inches of barrel length could get you the same fpe potential as adding a couple hundred psi.

Itís an interesting project. 1400cc on a .177 bench - thatís a lot of shots.

I have been looking at the numbers, and I think I will need more than 3000 psi to get into the 1000's.... The barrel is only available in one length, 26".... I don't know if the high pressure Ninja can go to 3600-3700, but I think 3000 is about the minimum usable with such a high SD slug (0.166) with a 26" barrel....


I put the design into my spreadsheet and got these results:

3000psi set pressure
215cc plenum
0.18 caliber with full diameter ports
1400cc tank filled to 4000psi
stock Cothran Powerhouse Marauder valve
26" barrel
assume a SSG type or solenoid activated hammer, very light, giving a 0.0025 sec dwell

39gr slug
1028fps 91fpe
73 shots per fill

The spreadsheet results are usually fairly close to actual results, so you should be able to get pretty close to 1000fps.

For maximum FPE with the 26" barrel at 3000psi set point, if you could extend the dwell to 0.0035 (anymore and you risk blasting out lots of excess air without any gain):
1090fps 103fpe
43 shots/fill

I just checked the regulator. I can get it set to approx 3900 by adding 1 Belleville to the stack. Thatís pretty close to max I feel like.

The only thing about these regs are they are normally only found in 5/8-18. Hmm, just a thought, maybe the bodies are the same as normal regs, Iíll have to check that.

Anyway, so yes, you can run the pressure up on them.



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