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Today a thought came to me. Thinking of myself a young boy many years ago with a Powerline 880, and thinking to today my 9yr old boy with his/mine)  ;D DP880 and how it must feel massive yet light enough to work.

Now Imagine holding a 48"oal Mega Pumper in .22 and or .25. Made in the design of the 880, everything enlarged < the barrel trigger valve assembly, pumptube piston and pumparm. Shroud with barrel support, frontsight with built in LDC/Moderator. Stock and foream made with high density polymers instead of cheap plastic, aluminum reciever, picrails. Not that i could build auch a thing. Just a cool idea I think.  :P

Not exactly what you described but I converted a Crosman 362 to 25 caliber. It's putting out around 17 fpe with nothing but a barrel swap and an enlarged transfer port.

Wouldnt that make it a C365< .25cal.
Thats cool. I did find while looking, window shopping, online the .25 breech for the Crosman. Though am unable to find a 1/2"dia barrel. Might get another 362 to turn into a .177 w a disco barre lif i feel like it, maybe when its winter and dont have much to do.
 My idea is 880 or 77 setup except Everything enlarged by 33percent < Pump tube, piston, pumparm, trigger valve barrel.
  Another thing that brought about this idea was holding the tiny U Embark at 35" and 4lbs then holding my H125 at 48" around 8 lbs.
 The Mega pumper would/should make 24 -30 < +/-  ft lbs > or more, on this non existant Airgun.

a few years ago there was a guy on here who built a bigger pumper.  actually, there may have been a couple/few guys back then who were building pumpers. 

there was one that was supposed to go into production I thought.  I think it was a side pumper with a huge piston. 


 There was another one that had a scissors type 2 handle pump.


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