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AEA hammer spring adjuster testing

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All testing was with NSA 61.5 .303

0 turn 732 fps
+3 turn 868 fps

0 turn 732 fps
+3 turn 836 fps
+4 turn 891 fps = 108.4 fpe😁

String #1
+3 on hammer spring
3500psi to maybe 2700psi
9 shots
817 fps low to 881 max

String #2
+4 on hammer spring
3500psi to maybe 2800psi
5 shots
870fps low to 890 high
That's a 2.2 ES over 100fpe 😁😁😁😛😛😛

It looks like the gun can be tuned from 70fpe to 108fpe with the transfer port open at max.Very happy with the results. Still a little nervous about the resin printed spring guide but it seems to be holding up. For a working prototype, it's doing good. I think I will change the 8/32 adjustment screw to a 10/32 later and make it a knurled screw so it can be adjusted without a wrench.

Good times. It's been such a long time that I worked on guns due to my situation, I forgot how much I liked it.

 Sweet :)

bear air:
Great work Tim.

Very nice.  I guess all of this is on the Challenger, and doesn't carry over to the HP line?

Thanks guys. I would really like to get these in   some other guns but I don't think I can do that right now with what I am going through with the divorce and trying to find a place to live.

Iam thinking about reaching out to Bin at AEA to see if he or AEA is interested in the drawings and prototype parts.

The hammer adjustment just makes the cheap gun a much better gun. I can only imagine how it would work on the .32" barrel or the 357 cal. I know for sure that it would be great for regulation. It seems like if the reg was set at 2600psi/2700psi and filled to 3500 or 4k (if possible) you would definitely get more than 3 mags at 80fpe.


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