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***Results Added*** 100 Yard Air Rifle Monthly Match #5 - July 2022


Welcome to the 5th 100 yard Monthly Match of 2022. This match will run until July 31. The rules and targets can be found at:

Post a scan or picture of the target during the calendar month the Match is being run.

If you are not a Member of the NUAH Club and would like to join or would like to upgrade your Division standing, your submitted target can be used for that also.
If you want to apply for NUAH Membership or a Division Upgrade, you must post a thread with your target, and other information required, in the Membership Gate:

All the rules for becoming a Member of the NUAH Club must be followed.  They can be found at:

Please include with your Match submission:

NUAH Division
Score and Group Size
Any other info you would like to share (weather,pictures, etc)

You may enter once for each Caliber shot. Results will be posted for Overall and within your Division after the end of the month.  Have fun and enjoy the match.

RESULTS:  Only one shooter!

ER00z.... Expert.... .22.... 47/50,  1.88"

Let's try and get some actual competition going next month, guys !!!!


Expert Division
Benjamin Cayden
.22 Caliber
SWFA Fixed 10X
JSB 18gr pellets
47/50,  1.88"

(Just realised I wrote the date on the paper, should be 7-31-2022)

This was the first time I've shot 100yards in a while, ended up sending a couple pellets through leaves that grew in, on their way to the target out back. This was a last minute (my apologies to Bob) one and done deal (no practice) for the month. The Cayden and SWFA 10X optic have just been fantastic in keeping their settings, I've traveled 400 miles (four-100 mile trips) among various other activities with the Cayden getting bounced around and haven't needed to adjust either the gun or scope.

I listed the score as a 47/50 because one pellet just broke the 10-ring, if so very slightly. The low 9-ring shot and high 10-ring shots definitely clipped leaves at 50 yards (woods line) on their way to 100 yards, and possibly the far left shot, but I'm overall happy with the group.

Also, apologies about the wrinkled target.  :-[

More photos of target, two close and one with a ruler across


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