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Can springers do anything at 100 yards?


Well i cant say about 100 but i can say about 126...
We went with a friend,a HW95/Beeman R9 and a BAM 19/Crosman quest/SMK xs19
both .177
Here are our toys

and this is what we see

and by here i mean there  ::)

We also had some company...

But enough with talking...

So i think they can  8)

If you want to read about the BAM 19 and how to
click here,it's posted in the forum

Impressive. I believe if you spend some time with the gun, achieving 100+ yards is achievable with most springers. Keep up the good work.

A moron:

Could of hung paper for groups, but a springer can be capable . At least mine are open sighted.

Thank you both :)

Is that BAM suffering from sever barrel drop or do my untrained eyes deceive me?


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