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The Passing of Jim Cyran .... Field Target Community Icon & Friend

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So very sad.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jim at several SVFTC matches and even partnered with him during one shoot.  He was very approachable and was an extraordinary shooter with a modest, gentle, soft spoken demeanor.  He was quick to offer praise when you made a good shot but allowed your misses to pass almost unnoticed unless you asked him for advice, which he had the gift to deliver it in a supportive manner without being critical.  It was a privilege to know and shoot with him.  I wish we had more time together.

We miss Jim already.
It was a great thing you and the club did with last weeks Jim C match.

great food
great shoot  {even with FORCED KNELLER}

Ron from CASA

Mark 611:
Scott, thanks for posting this, Prayers for his family! :'(

 Glad to have known him, A great guy in all aspects.


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