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JTS Airacuda .25 Caliber: An introduction

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Here is the JTS Airacuda in .25 caliber. The Airacuda is an unregulated PCP that ships with two 10 shot all-metal rotary magazines which load from the left-hand side.
The rifle has a beautiful hardwood stock which is very comfortable. It has a transfer port adjustment knob to throttle things down or up a tad is very easy.
The Airacuda comes with side lever cocking so the ease of racking in the round is effortless.
The PCP likes to start at 2900-2800 PSI (19MPa) to help flatten the bell curve.

Below are a series of photos that help convey the level of dopeness these PCP's have. I am thoroughly impressed.

Thank you for reading

Madd Hatter:
The receiver looks a lot like my sentry's 705.

What's the weight? Full of air, no scope.

Saving my pennies starting today...


--- Quote from: RichH on February 19, 2022, 08:19:45 PM ---What's the weight? Full of air, no scope.

--- End quote ---

Airacuda - 7.5LBS
Airacuda Max - 8LBS


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